This is a KIT ONLY, with aluminium & components ready for you to assemble the doors, with your own panels.

No Doors are supplied.

We can cut all aluminium to size for you, or at generic sizes.

Panels suitable are 9 or 10mm plasterboard or similar, or 4mm vinyl backed safety mirror or toughened glass.

We will provide cutting sizes, once your opening size is given and provide instruction on assembly.

The following items are included when you place your order:

  • Aluminium frames
  • Top and bottom tracks – 82mm wide standard double track with V Groove
  • Option for slimline tracks 55mm or slimline triple tracks 82mm – see shopping cart for extra charges
  • Heavy duty rollers and guides
  • Glazing vinyl or wedge for assembling panels
  • Soft-close buffer strip
  • Screws